Thursday, February 23, 2012

Men’s Suits into Laptop Bag


I’ve seen this all over the internet and etsy so thought it would be a fun Winter project to make for my 17-year old son. What can you make for them that they will actually like?

I got a basic laptop bag pattern, Mc Call’s 6410 and eliminated the pleated front pocket that is under this flap.  At the local thrift shop, I found two nice men’s jackets from very nice quality wool for a big total of $4 !!  I cut the front, back, flap and sides out of a heavy drill to use as a base and then layered the pieces on top of that. It also served as some stiffening to the bag.

On this front flap, I wanted to use the lapel. It takes lots of ripping out and removing of interfacing and shoulder pads etc. That’s the only real labor here, lots of ripping!  It’s helpful to use a surgical seam ripper…makes the work go faster.  For the lapel, I had to stitched it down along the edge with a small hemstitch and then cut away all the fabric from the back of it so it would lay flat.

I opened up a necktie to fill in the left side and to add the blue color which is in the plaid that you can’t see in the photo.  This breast pocket is still useable as are all the pockets.


The back of the bag was simply the hip pocket of the front of the suit.


And the front under the flap is from the jacket lining. It’s the pocket with some of the facing still attached. I had to wash this piece, it was a bit worn but it works.


Behind that front is a pocket from the inside of the black jacket cut and sewn on top of the lining. I found some gray satin and used the back/non-shiny side for the inside lining and it almost matches the gray lining of the suit!  I love the look of the labels.


The other side is a big pocket cut from the lining I bought.  The right pocket has little pleats and is the size for a cell phone.  I added some of the necktie to the top of this piece just for color and continuity.

It was a pleasure to work with fine wool again! It presses so well and sews so easily. This wasn’t difficult and you just have to think about the best way to use the jackets.  I did add some heavy interfacing for the strap and the sides to give it some body.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting down to the wire!



This is the postcard that we made to announce Jane Sassaman’s new book at the Fall Quilt Market last November. We plan to have it ready to sell at the Spring market in May in Kansas City so now we are under the gun!  The books are printed in Thailand and they need 4 weeks on the press. Then shipping by boat takes 6 or so weeks although it’s always been more time with clearing customs and getting over to Ohio. So the pressure is on!

We are placing all the info into the layouts for the first round of editing. Here is a sample of the rough layout.


Now the most important and most difficult part to come…THE COVER DESIGN!

More on that to come later. We are editing the glamour shots to decide if any will make cover or if we have to graphically create one. I want to have some here on the blog for you to vote on your choice.