Saturday, July 20, 2013

NQA PART 3 & adding to my collection


Here is the final group of quilts that caught my eye at the NQA show in June.

Although I’ve seen the work of Cindy Needham before, it’s been years and these pieces were so impressive and inspiring to me. I’d love to find old tablecloths and make some quilts like these…only one problem…I don’t have the free motion skills that she has!


I stared at the detail of each one trying to see where the tablecloth embroidery left off and her free motion stitching was but I couldn’t tell. Check her website for books and info on her technique.

And here is one by Barbara Polston that is equally fantastic.


Completely opposite from luxurious antique tablecloths are my personal favorites, the dog quilts. I just lost my Portuguese water dog so I am particularly fond of these quilts. They are fun, whimsical and colorful.


Canine Power Suit by Barbara Beasley


This week I finally bought a small Jane Sassaman quilt! I’ve been following her work since she won Best of Show for the Willow quilt decades ago and said to myself that someday I would own one of her quilts.  Well here is Cat’s Whiskers, hot off the machine/pressing table!  I love the colors, I love the movement and the graphic boldness of her style! Now where to hang it?

Cat's Whiskers


Leaving for three weeks to Germany, Austria, Alsace and Venice so check back here in mid August and hopefully I will have some textile photos to share.  Meanwhile there is a free shipping special while I am gone. Sign up for the newsletter so you can see it! Bon Voyage!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NQA, part 2

So many remarkable quilts at the National Quilting Assoc exhibition this year…as in every year!


I start with this quilt since I’ll be in Venice in a few weeks and I find this amazing and a great representation of all that is Venice. The technique is so high quality and the composition so sophisticated!


This was an outstanding double award winner. I think it was painted after quilting…a new technique that looks wonderful. See each star is painted a little differently.

Here is a quilt that stopped us in our tracks! Large but all gold with beading, lots of stitching and so Art Deco.


Love the colors and pattern of this stunning mariner’s compass quilt below:


And here is Mark Sherman’s quilt that I’ve only seen in photos before this. Wonderful color and pattern, lots of stitching!


Ricky Tims had a quilt that was traditional patchwork but with some fabulous quilting when you got up close. I think he dyed these fabrics which were spectacular!


Love this stylized fantasy flower quilt. Sort of reminds me of some Jane Sassaman quilts. Lois must be a fan too because I can see some of Jane’s dots fabric in this quilt! Well deserved ribbons!



A favorite quilt because I love the colors and the black/white squares!


As a child we had big philodendron plants in my father’s restaurant and I hadn’t seen any for decades until I went to Hawaii. They were all over the islands and they call the plant “Monstera”. The holes are the interesting part of the giant leaves.


More next week. You should put this show on your calendar for next June!

Monday, July 1, 2013

National Quilting Assoc Convention

Every June I travel 12 miles straight down HIgh Street to the Columbus convention center for the big NQA show!  They offer lots of classes by national teachers, fun get-togethers, a large exhibition of quilts and of course, vendor booths!

I always look forward to seeing the quilts and seeing if friends won ribbons. This year friend and master free-motion quilter Beth Schillig entered a new concept and won Second Place for Art Innovative Quilt! Go Beth!DSC05628DSC05629

Can you believe this detailed stitching? She is a master and I LOVE this art quilt!


This is by friend and neighbor, Teri Tope, of her in-laws. I recently took this class from her and while it is a rather simple concept-- stitching straight black lines close and spaced from each other- it takes some skill to finesse the shading.  She is a master and expect to see a book on this technique from her in the near future. This is such an innovative style and she captures the expressions beautifully!

So, MODERN QUILTING…?  What does that mean to you? Over the past few years, this ‘new’ theme has come to the foreground of quilting and started a revolution.  Is it just bedquilts with white or gray backgrounds and some sparse color and patchwork? Are they all ‘beginner’ level skill? All of a sudden what I’ve known as quilting is old-fashioned!? I’ve been pondering this as have many quilters of the older generation.

Here are some quilts from the show that I think can bridge that modern/ traditional gap or redefine ‘Modern’ quilting. A little more skill, a little more color and color variation. Definitely LOVE these!







Let me know what you think and I’ll post more quilts from the show next week.