Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quilt National Cover Revealed

I’m pleased to show you the cover for Quilt National ‘13!


The detail is from the quilt Through the Lens by Marianne Burr. 

Size: 46 inches H x 39 inches W

Materials: silk, wool felt batting, hand dyed cotton back band stitched separately to felt.

Techniques: hand stitched, resist painted with silk dyes, and appliqu├ęd with silk organza, back band stitched separately to felt.

Isn’t it so intriguing? The many layers and the hand stitching make you just want to reach out and touch it. It is even more interesting in person as are all the quilts.

If you are a lover of art quilts, this show is really a pilgrimage that must be taken at least once in your lifetime! Fortunately, I live only a few hours away, but there were years when I didn’t make the time to drive down there with two young kids. The show is on from Memorial Day to Labor Day so if you are near Ohio this summer, it is well worth your while to take a detour just to see these marvelous quilts.


Right now we are not revealing the other quilts that are in the show but in June, I will have many posts on the other quilts and the dozen covers that we tried so you can see what we go through to decide on a beautiful and saleable cover. Because you really do judge a book by its cover!


This month I’m taking a trip to Guatemala where the weavings and other crafts are abundant, colorful and waiting to be added to our collections!  Watch the blog for some beautiful posts in March on their textiles and more about the Patchwork Sassaman Style challenge which is very exciting! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite quilt on Jane’s blog from Feb. 25-28!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Challenge 2 begins! Great prize!

For February, we continue our challenge from Jane’s book, Patchwork Sassaman Style  with a new recipe…Ocean Waves!  Here is a sample of Jane’s version.

Recipe 12

Rules: Stitch a quilt top and submit a photo by February 24 to Jane’s blog this time,

You may use ANY FABRIC YOU LIKE and it can be any size and no quilting required! Look through your stash.

We want to prove that Jane's recipes work with "Personality Prints" of all kinds.

As you work, try to apply some of Jane's principles, such as color blending, cropping, scale of pattern, etc.

Jane will post the quilt photos on her blog on Feb.25 and all the viewers can vote for their favorite to win the beautiful prize of EIGHT 1/2 yard cuts of Vintage Sassaman fabric (total of 4 yards) by Free Spirit below:

Feb. Fabric

Then on March 1, 2013 we will announce the winner!

All other quilt tops will be entered for the final Grand Prize to be selected by Jane Sassaman. She will be looking for the quilts that best express the "Principles for using Personality Prints" as described in Patchwork Sassaman Style. GOOD LUCK! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!