Friday, October 22, 2010

Quilt Auction

A few years ago I when was writing the book, Quilting Party: Group Quilting for Celebration, Commemoration & Charity, my guild (at the time) was on a retreat. I thought this would be the perfect time to test out my quilt block system.

I chose two photos and divided the quilt group in half. There were 12 people in each group. We divided the photos (the photograph above is from Nantucket by my friend Vicki Rentel) into a grid of 12 blocks. Each person took one part and interpreted it in fabric. Because this group is so talented,the two pieced quilts came out beautifully!

Since these artists volunteered their time, I promised to donate one quilt to Kids N Kamp, a charity that lends support to families with children touched by cancer. Take a look at someof the quilts for sale this year. Every year this organization holds a quilt auction in the skybox area of the Ohio State football stadium. It's a ball. There's lots of great food; local celebrities and coaches do the actual auction. This year the auction is October28. I'll be there! I hope the bidding is high for my piece and all the other quilts.

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