Thursday, April 14, 2011

Buttons Buttons Everywhere!

Last week we spent the week on Grand Cayman Island for spring break. I was wondering if I would see anything textile related for a blog post and I was surprised at the inspirational work I saw and there was a theme--buttons!

If you've ever flown through Atlanta airport, you know that some of the gates are art galleries. My favorite is the art quilt gallery in terminal E that features major art quilters such as Jane Burch Cochran. It is worth visiting if you have a long layover.

Our gate this time featured these wonderful paper collages with heavy button details. Sorry for the quality of the photos with all the glare from the overhead lighting but there was no avoiding it. Unfortunately there wasn't a sign that I could see with the name of the artist or a statement.

On Grand Cayman there is a new shopping center called Camana Bay and it was the most beautifully designed center I've seen (more on that later). I went into their bookstore to get a tropical fish identification card and more button art on the walls.

These are by Mary Teeter ( from Pennsylvania and I found them truly inspirational. I may even do some HAND embroidery soon! The framing added a charming touch.

My husband said, "I know you have enough buttons to do this." But I suspect it wasn't said in a "Congrats-you have a well-stocked studio!" manner but rather in a 'use up all that stuff you've collected" sense.

Either way he's right. I'd like to make a picture with a snappy saying and buttons incorporated in a simple design. I could use machine embroidery for the wording if I wanted.

Grand Cayman is a great vacation island. We explored all of it and every beach (almost) and found wonderful snorkeling sites where we saw loads of colorful fish in great quantity. One of the secrets is to use frozen peas to feed the fish and in some areas they respond like dogs and swarm you! I petted many fish.

Of course the best thing to do on the island is to take a catamaran to Stingray City where you can hold, pet or kiss docile stingrays. They are used to being hand fed and you're in no danger. They feel like wet velvet sponge with rough parts on their back. I loved how gracefully they swam and it was a thrill to swim with them! It's a must-do once in a lifetime activity.


  1. Wow! Thanks for showing the button art. I really enjoyed it.

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