Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Confetti Naturescapes class

Remember in April I wrote that Noriko Endo, author of Confetti Naturescapes was here to teach our guild her fabulous confetti class?

We had the finished ones on display at our local store, Quilt Trends for the high traffic months of June and July when everyone is in town for all the quilt shows and conventions.

The amazing thing about Noriko’s class is that everyone made a successful piece. How often can you say that? Her technique was easy to do and she guided us to make some great pieces. Of course it would take lots of practice to be as good as she is but it is fun to do and I’ll try it again.

Thought you’d like to see some of the finished work.

IMG_4384 IMG_4385 IMG_4386 IMG_4387 IMG_4388 IMG_4389 IMG_4390

Noriko is teaching at Quilt Festival in Houston this November but you must sign up fast, the classes fill up so fast!


  1. Beautiful pieces, something I would like to try someday.


  2. This is a technique that I love and I'm sorry you are not
    I could learn about because they are from Romania.
    heartily wish I could do such a picture quilt.
    Your blog is great.
    Google Translation