Friday, September 2, 2011

Joan Lintault exhibit in VT



Here is a great article about Joan Lintault and the special exhibit that she has at the Shelburne museum in VT until Oct.  It has some of her work in the show as well as antique quilts that she has collected for years from far and wide.

Her book, M. Joan Lintault: Connecting Quilts, Art & Textiles is more of an art book than a quilt book.  Her philosophy of design is that of an artist rather than a crafter. 

When I first saw her work at Quilt National in Ohio, I was awestruck! All the negative space in her work and the detail was amazing. The quilt, The Midden, had a poem around the border…the letters were cut out of the fabric as when you use stencil letters but I didn’t see it until I was across the room from it!  You can just stare at her quilts for hours, wondering how she did this detail and that detail.  Did she buy lace and add it on or make the lace? (the latter)  Did she buy fabric with dish patterns printed on it or did she screen them herself? (the latter)!

I wrote her name down and went home to research if she had a body of work and her webpage showed many intriguing pieces. So, I called her and asked her to write a book and luckily she was just retired and had the time.

If you have a chance to see any of her work in person, it is well worth the trip!


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