Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pinterest and skirt tutorial

Over Christmas my friend told me about Pinterest and I was immediately hooked on their crafts section. I perused these photos for hours on end during my week off and found some great ideas!

It’s a website with pictures of other things on the internet and grouped by category. I also look at food and quilts and then ‘pinned’ the photos to my boards by group and saved them to look at or make later. It gives you links to the sites with the actual recipes or instructions.

I saw these interesting skirts made from old men’s dress shirts but no tutorial so I made one.  Since I didn’t have any old shirts, I bought one at Costco for $17.99. The fabric is a beautiful soft herringbone in light aqua and it says “NO IRON” which is a big plus.



Concerning size, it doesn't matter about the neck size, just that the width of the body of the shirt is much larger than your waistline so it gathers nicely.

I would buy the longest sleeve length that is available to have more to tie around your waist.

My sleeves weren't long enough to go all around my waist so I attached them to the side seams. You could also use some of the back of the shirt to make another tube to attach between the two sleeves.

Remove pocket.

Remove any labels that show at hem.

Take off sleeves or cut off.


Press sleeves, turn inside out. Draw line to cuff to take off some width.

Stitch and trim seam.

Mark across front of shirt in straight line from armhole to armhole. Cut.


IMG_5141 IMG_5145

At top edge of skirt, stitch 1/4" from edge and then press it under.

Fold over the width of your elastic plus 1/4". I folded under 1" and used 3/4" elastic.



Stitch close to edge of fold leaving 4" open to thread the elastic through.

Try on and adjust elastic, then stitch ends together and trim off excess elastic.

Stitch down the remaining 4".




Take the sleeves and pleat them at the end.

Place it pleat side down at the side seam with sleeve going towards the back of skirt and stitch across at the point to include all the sleeve/you can see below that you need to cut off about 3”.


Then fold the sleeve to the front and stitch on top of that seam close to fold, if desired.

Tie sleeves in front to wear. Can’t wait for Spring now so I can wear it! NO, REALLY! I CAN’T WAIT FOR SPRING TO COME!!!!!

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