Monday, September 17, 2012

Itchin’ for Stitchin’

Sometimes I just HAVE to sew! Run that machine fast and listen to the soothing hummm.  So this week I made little projects, just for fun.  Many don’t need patterns but there are also many free tutorials/patterns online at many sites like, etc.

First I needed a padded strap for my new camera, an easy tube with some fusible fleece inside, made out of two Jane Sassaman prints.  Then I made one out of my favorite black floral Sassaman print for a friend’s camera.


Next, I had a practice piece of free-motion stitching on two Sassaman fabrics and I turned it into the No Guts Boxy Pouch from  My fabric was a different size and I didn’t line it since it was quilted to a beautiful dots fabric but it is a great pattern for guideline if you want to make one. 


I’ve been wanting seat belt cover straps so they don’t cut my neck. For my Smart car with the tomato interior, I used a gray/red/black fabric from Lonni Rossi with a mottled black on the back…it’s reversible so theoretically, if my husband drives the car, he can turn it over to the black side. But in reality, he’ll probably just take it off!  I just love the colors.


Then I made another one for the jade green mini-van out of two Sassaman fabrics. The inside print is black/white.


They don’t take any time and you can find tutorials online but basically I cut two 6.5” x 11” rectangles, fusible fleece on both sides….stitched right sides together with 1/4” seams, turned right side out and stitched on velcro.  I also ran some quilting lines to hold the layers together better.


I think I’ll make a few more as gifts…use up some scraps and just run that machine as fast as possible.  Sometimes it’s great to do these easy, mindless projects…they give you some satisfaction and as gifts, gets you lots of ooohs and ahhhs!

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