Thursday, December 6, 2012


Would you like to win these 8 half-yard cuts of Early Birds by Jane Sassaman?

Starting Jan. 2, Dragon Threads will be running a monthly contest open to quilters around the world!

For January’s contest you are invited to design and stitch a quilt top using a recipe in Patchwork Sassaman Style by Jane Sassaman. But you can use ANY FABRIC that you like... Kaffe, Amy, Lonnie?... to create a quilt TOP only and send us a photo. No size restrictions and no quilting required.

  Final Sass cover

The particular recipe to use for January will be announced on our blogs… and

We want to prove that Jane’s recipes work with ‘Personality Prints’ of all kinds.

As you work, try to apply some of Jane’s principles, such as color blending, cropping, scale of pattern etc.

So put on your designing caps and submit the photo of your top by Jan. 25 to

We will put the photos on the blog and let readers vote for their favorite. The winner will be announced on Jan. 30.

THE PRIZE- Eight half yard cuts of Jane’s Early Birds fabric in the Plum colorway, for a total of 4 yards of beautiful fabric!

Then on Feb. 1, we will announce the next recipe contest and the exciting prize.

All other quilt tops will be entered for the final Grand Prize to be selected by Jane Sassaman. She will be looking for the quilts that best express the “Principles for using Personality Prints” as described in Patchwork Sassaman Style.


  1. That sounds like fun. I'm just finishing up two quilts I pieced when Jane first put her LeMoyne and Broken Star quilts on her blog. I looked it up and it was over 4 years ago!

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  3. Have I missed the March challenge?