Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Colors of Guatemala


On the bus ride we saw a hospital on the right and directly across the street was a funeral home and behind it in the distance was this colorful cemetery! That would be disturbing to see from the hospital room I thought and I wonder what the hospital survival rate is!  Here is where zoning matters!

Besides weaving another important craft in Guatemala is woodworking. We bought small trays in a little town called Panajachel and also some bird candlesticks. Just loved the primitive style and the bright colors.  All of this was $60 U.S.!


These boats were wood and very simple also. We watched them take seaweed out of the lake to use for fertilizer, we were told.


There were many masks and other carved and painted wood items at the markets. All very colorful!


But the best example of their woodworking skills were the doors in the city of Antigua! I wish we could have one of them. Some were like the gates in Europe…they are large and the entire thing can open so your car can drive into the courtyard or just a door can open for a pedestrian to enter as in the photo below.




And my favorite door was in Santiago de Atitlan:


It’s a bit too elaborate for a house in Ohio though!

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