Saturday, January 3, 2015


Happy New year to all!

I said that this year my resolution is to sew more, try more sewing/quilting techniques and just generally be more productive and post it on my blog for you to follow.

Lately with the new BERNINA 880 and a lot of new fabric, I’ve got so many ideas swimming around in my head and I vow to take the time to try some this year. I’ll try not to waste my time on the computer so much and spend more time on the sewing machine. I find that when I am sewing and the machine is really humming, that I am so happy. I just love the act of pushing fabric through the machine!  Crazy? No, I bet that is a feeling many of you share.

Well, Jan.2, I started a table runner for my 8 foot walnut table and Jan. 3, I finished it!! A simple project but I wanted to try the circular stitching attachment that I bought last Dec.  I had several fat quarters of Marcia Derse fabric that I thought would go well with the green granite in my kitchen so I made this ‘quilt as you go’ table runner.




backing fabric and here you can see the overlapping circle quilting.



Does it go with my granite?

I’ll have instructions either on another blog or on mine soon. It was fast and easy and totally adaptable to the size you want and with the fabrics you have on hand.

So…on to the next project! Let’s see how many projects I can make this year! I’ve got a wedding and a friend’s baby in May and I think it’s time for a new tree skirt… I’m supposed to be doing End of Year accounting stuff though….


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  1. I love your runner, really fun piece and it is perfect for the designs in your granite.