Saturday, September 5, 2015

Swag bag Sassaman Style

Project #17

After organizing all my fabric, I decided that I needed to do something with all the patterns that I own.  While sorting them into boxes by type (tops, bottoms, jackets, accessories….)  I ran into this Swag Bag by Square Rose pattern that I bought ages ago and I could visualize it in the Sassaman Prairie Chic fabric line that I’ve been storing in my stash. So I dropped everything and started cutting this out.

Flat Bag Cover 2-up


So the first side, I quilted in a simple diagonal with blue variegated thread but found it too boring.


On the other side I had this fabulous thorny vine pattern that just begged to be quilted. I wanted to continue the lines onto the pink side so I traced them onto paper. Then I placed that paper pattern on the pink side so I could continue the lines and stitched right over the paper.

Here is my ‘bright’ idea for tracing at night when there is no light coming thru the window. I placed the fabric on my computer monitor with a blank page of Word open and then taped paper over it and used a sharpie marker.


This pattern is very well written and not hard to do. It took me two evenings to complete this.  I love the details where I zig zagged the seams and the bias on the curve and on the handles. 


The pattern calls for two pockets inside but I just put one and one on the outside.

I really needed another bag (NOT!) but I am very happy with it and will use it. I may put a rectangle hard plastic on the bottom. Anything in Jane Sassaman fabric is guaranteed to be gorgeous!  I’m a BIG fan!