Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Koos Makes the Cover of Vogue

I just got these photos of the Vogue Spring/Summer catalog. It's the new Koos harem skirt and cowl blouse pattern. Koos and I are thrilled!

Vogue always goes to the studio of Koos and to select an outfit to put in their Designer collection. This usually is for the Fall/Winter catalogs. I thought that they should see what Koos did for a summer outfit last year--I loved this patchwork silk harem skirt and cowl. It is so diaphanous and looks perfect for any summer occasion.

Well, Vogue loved it too. It will be for sale online March 25, and will be in the stores around April 1. The number will be Vogue 1244.

I joined Club BMV (Butterick, Mc Call's, Vogue) to get notice of the sales on their patterns. It really saves a lot when $30 patterns are on sale for $4.25! Shipping is very inexpensive. Check it out at:
Now I must collect my silks and wait until the pattern arrives. This would even look beautiful in solids or one color where you'd just see the nice seam lines. Perhaps we'll do a giveaway then? Let me know if you'd like a Koos pattern giveaway!


  1. That looks really pretty! I hope you do a giveaway!

  2. That is so flowy and lovely.... would love to see it made up in a solid.