Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Sewing

linda scarf

Is it cold where you are? Here in Ohio it is cold. (Can you tell from my picture that I am cold?) Cold, cold, cold. There’s snow. And cold. Did I mention the cold? Going anywhere is a chore. Will it ever be warm again?

I got so excited after our Jane Sassaman giveway that I decided to get creative Jane-style about protecting myself against the cold. A quick dig in my stash turned up some of her fabulous fabrics and some cozy polar fleece. I set to work on her Cozy Cowl Scarf pattern.

Not only does this scarf look great and keep my poor neck warm, but it took maybe only 2 hours to make. I have a beloved special Bernina foot that sews on buttons. Not only does this save time and sew on the button more securely, but it saves my cold fingers from having to touch a cold hand-sewing needle. Here are a few pictures of my work:

scarf 1

scarf 2

How about making a few of these for Christmas gifts next year? The possible fabric combinations are endless. I think I could come up with several hundred from my stash alone!

How about you? What about some ideas for gift sewing? Send me your ideas! I’ll post them in time to get started on your holiday sewing next year. Put ideas in the comment box below or email me at

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  1. I like doing table runners and mug rugs for gifts. And it was -43 this past weekend in Northern Canada=)