Monday, March 14, 2011

A visit from Philippa Naylor

Philippa came from England to the States to teach in OK and TX for ten days. She had a 3 day break before teaching in NC so she stopped at her home away from house! She thought she would get some rest and relaxation. No way. I kept her moving. We had a packed schedule, but oh, did we have fun.

First day—jet lag be damned--we got up early to the big gem and jewelry show.  You can find everything at this show, from beads and costume jewelry to antiques and fabulous custom jewelry (way over budget). Philippa was looking for a special piece for her milestone birthday that would be a gift from her husband and boys. We went with a neighbor and spent hours walking and looking at all the pretty, shiny things. We bought nothing major.

Next stop, lunch. Then it was off to our favorite costume jewelry store that is LOADED--I mean LOADED--with vintage items. It's overwhelming: so much packed in showcases! In the end Philippa persevered and found the perfect pin made of grayish 'diamonds' in a bow design. Good retail soldiers, we just had to be sure we didn't miss anything at the new antique jewelry store up the street.

After some extravagance it was only right that we used some coupons. Off we sped to Joann’s Fabrics. Then it was home to rest before dinner.

Is there anything more fun than Korean BBQ with friends? My book designer/graphic designer extraordinaire and some other dear friends joined us. It was delicious and different, a treat for all. We talked and laughed for hours. By the end of the day we were exhausted (and full).


Obviously the next stop on our retail whirlwind tour was Target. We hit Kohl's too for gifts for Philippa’s boys.

If you know me then you know that I ah, collect fabrics (“collect” is an understatement). Philippa and I hit my studio to “shop” my stash of fabrics and patterns. This was my favorite part of the whole weekend. Philippa doesn’t just quilt. She’s an amazing garment sewer. We had a ball bouncing ideas off each other.I picked her brain and good grief, the ideas!

After dinner my husband thought we were going out shopping again. Where would he get that idea? Alas, no, we hit the streets in the morning for in search of the rare and elusive iPad2. I guess we should have planned to camp at the Apple store for a week because we struck out everywhere. I do believe the entire country is sold out, but hope does spring eternal…. Sooner or later I have no doubt Philippa will get her iPad.

Then it was one more lunch and off to the airport. I’ll see Philippa again in Houston in November. It's always great to see her. Next time she comes we'll have to have a dyeing party with friends. And probably more retail.

Next month Noriko Endo is supposed to visit. Given recent events in Japan it will be especially wonderful to see her. 

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  1. How lucky to have artists drop in for a visit, all the shopping must have been fun! I have been enjoying Philippa's book I purchased from you a few week's ago. I love learning new techniques and her book is full great detail and wonderful color!