Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dyeing Day 2


Vicki and I picked another gray overcast day to finish up our dyeing. This time we had primary red and yellow and a third color.

This is how the reds and yellows turned out with Frieda Anderson’s Fabric To Dye For method.


As you would expect, several shades of a color. But the third color surprised us…it turned out


to be these beautiful shades of blue BUT we didn’t use blue dye.  We used pure BLACK dye and it came out to be inky variations…how odd!!

We love the color but it was a surprise and we wonder how to get Black and shades of gray? The dye looked black with blue highlights when mixed. If you know the answer, please comment below.

We also tried her 12 step color gradations formula in the book but only did 9 steps as three were solids that we dyed before. It came out beautifully and we loved the results.


You can see the top right fabric was our fun piece. We soaked up the left over raspberry and purple dyes by blotting it with crumpled up fabric.

All in all, I’m VERY pleased with our results and how easy and NOT messy this method is. The most  time-consuming part was rinsing out the fabrics before throwing them in the washer.

I will do more dyeing in the future. We need to order some more Jacquard Procion MX dyes for the other 20 yards of PFD in my closet!

Now, what to do with all these colored half yard cuts?


  1. The colors came out beautifully! I need to get busy myself, I purchased a whole bolt of PFD last month, just need to block out some time.

  2. Black is the presence of all colors, and dye manufacturers make different black dyes. ProChem makes several. One formula might result in cloth more to the blue side of gray and another to the green side of gray. I get a clear gray from their Black #609. In order to get a deep black you need more dye at a higher depth of shade or more dye to the weight of goods. I love getting gradations like you did! It is the magic.