Monday, October 31, 2011

Threads magazine article


I was so excited today to get my copy of THREADS magazine because I have my FIRST article for them in it!!  I’ve written many articles and designed many quilt patterns for other magazines over the years but I’ve always wanted to be in THREADS! The article is how to make the spiral moebius scarf that I shared in this blog months back.

I’ve been reading THREADS for decades, enjoyed their interesting articles and have even met the editors. The next page has an article written by my former Pratt roommate, Patricia Keay who is an incredible fashion illustrator and a remarkable garment sewer. What a coincidence huh?

I’m a fashion designer, maybe from birth, I think it is in my genes. My mother was a fashion designer. She attended a college in New York City and I attended Pratt Institute and got a BFA in Fashion Design too.  She never worked in the industry but she made clothing for my sister, my father, herself and me, as well as drapes and stuffed animals, etc.  Can a love of sewing and fabric be in your genes? That’s for someone else to answer but I think so.

Well I’ve submitted some other projects to THREADS for their Quick Stuff to Sew issue and other special fashion issues and hope they like and publish them in the future. Next week I will go visit Koos and see what else he has to share with you.

I’m off to Quilt Festival to teach my silk classes and shop till I drop. Will take photos for you all!

WINNER of the sewing caddy giveaway was Jackie from Canada…her blog is


  1. Yahoo... thanks for the caddy, can't wait to receive it=)