Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Patchwork Sassaman Style at the Printer

Hooray!  We finally got the book finished and sent it all to the printer overseas!

Thought you’d like to see the front cover that we chose and the gorgeous back cover!  I liked the colors of the back cover better but I was out voted! Anyway, I think they turned out well.

  Final Sass cover sassBk Cover

Next step is that I get the color proof and check it again! This manuscript was read at least 8 times by assorted editors, author and myself and still we found many corrections at the last minute!  You can never read it enough! I’m sure that there will still be errors after it goes to press and that bothers me! At least I hope that they aren’t major ones where the reader won’t understand the technique!  I don’t care so much about misspellings or commas at this point.

After the proof is approved, then the book goes to press and it will take about 4 weeks to print all the copies.  I will get some books flown in so that Jane can do a few book signings at the Spring Quilt Market (so if you attend, look for those) and so I can start marketing the book.  The first copies go to the buyers and the magazine reviewers etc.

The pallets of books go by boat and then by train or truck to Ohio and then to my warehouse and that could take from 6-8 weeks!  As soon as it is on the water, I’ll open up pre-sales so you can be among the first to receive your copy!  The best way to know is to sign up for the email newsletters at Dragon Threads or to watch this blog.

Every week I’ll try to put up new pages from the book to give you a peek and will have plenty of giveaways!  Then we will have a blog tour this summer with even more giveaways!

Would love to hear your comments about the covers, book, process and what you’d like to see/know more about.


  1. I'm really looking forward to this book. Congrats to you and Jane both!

  2. Jane Sassaman is going to be signing at market? I will be first in line, or as soon as I can sneak away from the booth=))

  3. I see those slight, but very nice, adjustments to the title and author areas of the cover. Great job! I will love seeing this at Quilt Market.