Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Proof has arrived! Sassaman Giveaway!



After all the hours of reading the manuscript last week and correcting all the diagrams, we sent the CDs off to the printer. The first thing they do is print the CDs and then send you back a mock up of the book and we have to proof it all again for hours! This time besides looking for grammar and typos, we need to check the graphics. It was pretty clean but still we were missing some images and had to lighten others etc.  By now, we are a little tired of reading this for the tenth time but it is a critical step and our last chance to make sure there are little to NO mistakes.  I’m more worried about making the instructions clear for the reader and not so much about misspellings and commas missing.




What do you think of the interior? After reading it this time, I feel that it is truly a beautiful book reflecting Jane’s art and love of color…in my humble opinion.




If you read this blog during Xmas, I bought one of her cherry blossom quilts for my living room. Well, it is now on tour at Quilt Festival in Cincinnati and will follow to Long Beach and Houston and it won’t return until Thanksgiving!  So to cover the bare space over my fireplace, Noriko ‘whipped up’ this new quilt for me in a few weeks!  She is very prolific! 

This quilt used the cherry blossom die from Accuquilt so it was much faster than cutting out all these blossoms by hand!  The die will be available in the next month from them so be on the lookout! Paired with Noriko’s book, Confetti Naturescapes and you could make one of these quilts also!



Leave a comment below about what you like to see in books, what kind of quilting books you want or something you’d like to tell a publisher. We’ll pick 1 person at random April 9 to win the wonderful purse pattern featured on Jane’s blog this week.

And come back for weekly giveaways up to the launch of PATCHWORK SASSAMAN STYLE!


  1. Wow! Noriko Endo's quilt is stunning!
    I love books (Not so keen on ebooks though I can see the advantages - I like to feel the book in my hands!)I like lots of pictures!

  2. 1. I love seeing colour photos of the whole quilt in books

    2. I like seeing a quilt book that is clear, simple to read and has some humour or sincerity, something of the author throughout it, not just in the forward.

    3. I would like to tell a publisher this: Sometimes it is a good idea to take a chance on someone new. Someone who isn't super famous, or authored several books already or won countless awards. I realize that is what makes it more of a sure thing that their books will sell, and I am sure books on 'traditional quilts' sell, and so do landscape ones... but look how the 'modern' quilt is taking the quilt world by storm. Who knew that would happen in such a flourish?

    Younger quilters I think, want something new, adventurous, different. It would be great if publishers looked outside the box a bit more=)

    Lastly, no one can design fabric like Jane Sassaman, she truly is in a league all by herself.
    Thanks for asking=)

  3. Just gorgeous. The cover is very *Jane* - elicits an immediate emotional response. I too love what I'm seeing labeled modern quilts. The pure, simple designs appeal in a world full of rush, rush, rush.

  4. I'd like to see more than one way to cut the block in quilts. With so many ways to make half square triangles, and so many things like Accuquilt out there, I just like more options (if possible) and not infringe on trademarks like Accuquilt...

  5. I like to see different color options and more info on how to pick colors from your stash. I also like to see different FMQ options.

  6. It is definately the images that grab my attention first. I do also like to see the quilts or projects shown in more than one color way. Tips and Notes throughout the instructions are always welcomed too. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  7. ...what you like to see in books -- It depends really. I buy some books just because they are 'eye candy', no patterns etc. Just a retrospective of one or many persons quilts. Lots of inspiration in these types of books. I like them to have a full shot and a couple of detail shots and a blurb from the artist about the quilt is nice too. If I am buying for the patterns of a particular person then the book should have very clear instructions, diagrams, photos etc. I do like to see a blank outline rendering of the finished quilt, especially if it is complex, this drawing helps me visualize what types of prints etc I might use in design, also useful for copying to color in with pencils etc. ---

    .... what kind of quilting books you want --- ANY! =0) My favorites are the ones that don't use 20 pages to advise on the basics of quilt making, ie: these are the tools you might need on hand, this is how you make a basic binding. I know there are beginners who need these things but on a whole too many books with intermediate/advanced quilts give this info as well and IMHO it is a waste of space in an otherwise good book. LOTS of photos, a bit about the artist, tips/hints/tricks of the artist.

    I have Noriko's book and I love to look at it over and over, I also have Phillipa's book and love it equally but for different reasons. I think all the books you've published thus far are so fab and I'm sure Jane's will be too! Can't wait to see/hold/love it! =0)

  8. First, Noriko's quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    I'd like to tell publishers to stop putting the basics of quilting (or anything) in the book. If I want to learn how to quilt, knit, etc, then I will buy a How to Quilt/Knit/etc book. When I buy a book by Jane for example, I'm looking for her perspective, comments, and experience as well as her unique vocabulary, techniques and methods. Publishers always seem to want to throw in how-to filler.

    I would like to see a book all about art quilts and the modern quilting genre. Treat quilting like the art form that it is and take a look at how different people have contributed and shaped art quilts as a modern movement in the art world. No how-to, no patterns. A real art book. Because it is really art.

  9. That is an awesome book and Noriko's quilt is stupendous. I have recently purchased the 'GO' and I am thrilled to see more designers using the dies for the GO. Please help me know how to placed into your drawing for the book of Jane Sassaman's.... I am also a member of the 'Modern Quilt Guild' here in Tucson AZ.
    thanks for the inspirations all the way around.

  10. Hi L, I like idea books more so than patterns, but if it has a pattern, I look for more than one rendition ( = different ways to do the piece, not just different colors). Background, or genesis of the ideas is interesting to me too. That way, I can consider where else the idea may go. Same starting point, different ending point.

  11. I look for techniques or something different that gets my creative juices flowing. Bright colors and shapes are exciting. Looking at other peoples' art work, anything that is different that I can sit and enjoy. The book looks great so far! When will it be out?

  12. I would like to see ideas for the actual quilting rather than "quilt as desired". And I agree that the basics of how to make a quilt in every book.

    1. That should read " you don't need the basics of how to make a quilt in every book."

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  14. I love lots of photos -- both of the whole quilt and close-ups of details. It's nice to see more than one set of fabrics for a pattern -- fabrics seem to have a shorter shelf life than yogurt!

    A book that allowed some type of overlays to try out different quilting options for a particular quilt would be great.
    I also love art to wear and would like to see more books in this area.

  15. Besides everything that you usually put into a book, I would like to see more information on the actual quilting of the piece. Closeups are good, as are diagrams. The quilting design (usually I hand quilt) is the most difficult design decision for me.

  16. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 5 post on Aug. 17, 2012. Thanks again.