Thursday, June 4, 2015

Collecting Art Quilts

With two designers in the family, there are a lot of collections in this house. My specialty is art quilts and usually I buy them from my authors such as Barbara Olson, Laura Heine, Jane Sassaman and Noriko Endo.

This month, I bought a quilt or two from seeing them on facebook! It may sound odd but it isn’t the first time.  A few years ago I saw the work of Susan Lenz and then looked at her website for more and purchased one from her.  I love it and it is hanging in my studio. Facebook is a great marketing tool to get your work out in front of the right ‘eyes’.

Window XIV

Windows XIV by Susan Lenz

In April, I kept seeing the work of Danny Amazonas from Taiwan on facebook. What caught my eye is how he cuts up ‘shards’ of fabrics to make a realistic image with his precision value placement.

One morning, I saw a quilt of a rainy day scene where the people in the evening light were reflected in the rainy street. It was mostly Kaffe Fassett fabrics which I love, and the color range started at the left with reds and then graduated to the right into blue/greens!  The technique was something that was new and fresh and the quilt was breathtaking!

I followed it all day and it got 1100 likes by the evening. I sent a message to Danny and told him how incredible I thought this was and he wrote back that he was having an exhibition from mid-April to mid-May. Then my wise husband said that I better put my name on it before it went to the show where it would most certainly be sold! So by the end of the evening, I had told Danny that I seriously wanted to buy it and to save it for me. He graciously agreed and I waited a month.

After the show was over Danny contacted me and said that he has a special arrangement for me.  If I bought this Bird of Paradise quilt then I would get the Rain scene as a ‘free’ gift!  Wow! 2 Amazonas quilts!


I’m hoping that some of you were on facebook that day that the rainy quilt was posted because I’m not allowed to post it anywhere. It’s a special request of Danny and I have to respect it. Sorry about that. I was wondering if I should even blog about it!

But if you get a chance to see his work or take a class from him in Taiwan, you should do it! I hope he will come teach in the States so I can take a class too.  Take a look at his portfolio on his facebook page/there isn’t a website. It’s just fantastic that now we can see quilts from around the world on the internet, or I’d never know about this talented quilter who is also a florist for his day job!  Now, I need to make room to hang these two new beauties!


  1. I absolutely love your new art quilts! Thank you for sharing them. Ann in NC

  2. I think the work is stunning - what I can't tell is whether there's stitching or whether the work is fused, raw-edge appliqué - can you say that much about it?

  3. That's interesting. I'm the artist who designed the original painting which the man who calls himself 'Danny' copied. He has since acknowledged it. I don't mind if craft people including quilters use work done by dead artists, but I'm very much alive. I live off the images that I CREATE. I don't steal images. When I see this sort of thing happening, I call it out. I'm happy you're happy with your quilt, but you should know where the image came from.

  4. By the way, if you want to see further original artworks, please check out my website or friend me on Facebook where I have recently posted about this incident.