Thursday, September 9, 2010

Confetti Naturescapes finally arrived!

I know I promised the books would ship at the end of August. Blame Customs! The books are a week and a half late, but they’re here at last.

Of course, this means that now my real work comes...THE SHIPPING! I have once again assumed my role as the master of all things shipping and packaging. I’ve had hundreds of pre-orders from around the world. I sent them all out today.

The UPS man was happy to see it all and even thanked me for using his company. That guy is a model employee. My greeting was perhaps not so warm at the post office when my son and I dropped  off over 100 parcels. Okay, it was late in the day. Okay, there were only two people working the station. Fortunately for one and all, I already had stamped the packages and could just drop and run.

What a relief! I’m worn out but so thrilled with the book. Of course, there’s more of the same tomorrow. Look for your book soon, and if you haven’t already ordered, what are you waiting for? Get over to Dragon Threads and get your copy now! 

Get me my copy of Confetti Naturescapes!!!!

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