Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Whisper Challenge Quilt Guild Project

Our guild worked on a fun project last year called “The Whisper Challenge.” It is like that game of telephone in which the last person's message is quite different from the first/original.

In our challenge we had groups of 4. We started with a photo taken by a guild member. Quilter #1 crafted that photo into a small quilt, then passed her quilt along to Quilter #2 without the original photo. When person #2 finished her quilt, she passed it to Quilter #3 without the previous quilt or photo, and so on down the line.
When we were done we had an exhibit of the original photo and the four quilts in progression.

What a difference from the first to the last one! The first ones were obviously more literal interpretations. Then it got a lot looser.
Mine is the day and night skyline of Boston (I’m from Boston). I thought that the quilt I was given looked like a skyline with each half different colors.  The results were surprising, neat, and interesting. Best of all, we all had a great time!  Try it in your group. It doesn’t have to be with quilts, really. This kind of project would work with painting, collage, or mixed media. It really gets your creative juices flowing.

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