Friday, November 19, 2010

International Quilt Market Part II

I’ve been back for a while, now, sorting through my pictures from my trip to Houston. I swear there were more quilts than usual this year and a few things you don’t normally see at a quilt show. I'm not even sure you can even classify these as a quilts but they sure are beautiful and make me laugh!




Take that Maidenform (and Madonna)!

I’ve been trying to pick a favorite from the show. It’s overwhelming and it’s impossible. There are so many quilts, so many talented, creative artists. I have a shortlist, though. One is this Asian quilt. I’m always partial to dragons and this particular piece was breathtaking. Called, Eastern Elements, and created by an Australian quilter, Linda Steele, it was an Asian version of a crazy quilt. Oh, how I’d like to hang this one in my home!

IMG_2864 IMG_2868

Keiko Goke, a really great Japanese fabric designer, did her amazing, fabulous version of a Wedding Ring quilt. I love the use of color and the non-traditional way she assembled the quilt.



Of course now that I am on my way to being a mid-arm quilt master (after one lesson….) I am studying at the stitch patterns in the quilting very closely. Hers is beautiful!

This weekend, a few more quilts that caught my eye, and next week (drum roll please) the first Dragon Thread Open Book Giveaway.

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