Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cross Roads by Leonie Castelino


From Leonie Castelina, the superb Bojagi artist, this press release and photos.

‘CROSS ROADS’, A Work of Art in Contemporary Bojagi by Leonie henan art museum, zhengzhou, chinaCastelino was exhibited at the Henan Art Museum in  Zhengzhou City, China, at the 6th  Fiber Art Biennale From Lausanne to Beijing in October – November 2010.  It was one of 291 works of fiber art from artists all over the world.

Leonie Castelino_'CROSS ROADS'_Contemporary Bojagi_ 28 x 61''_ Henan Art Museum_Zhenghzhou China _6th Fiberart Biennale 2010

In ‘CROSS ROADS’, Leonie explores ‘Mandala and the Cosmic Strecross currentsam of Consciousness’, in the distinctive elements of Pojagi or Bojagi: material, architecture, seams, transparency, color,  composition and design.  Color in the background material is layered and juxtaposed, so that at different vantage points, the hue changes.  The medallion is textured with the intricate ‘gekki’ or triple seams and layered. The black organza has been rusted and exudes a subtle patterning. Hints of shimmer of metallic organza are interspersed. The work is described as feminine with a sensuous mystique.  This work of art is created with silk organza, machine and hand pieced.  It measures 28” x 61”.

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