Thursday, February 17, 2011

Koos and Coat, Koos Coat

Kathryn Brenne has written many interesting articles about complex subjects for Threads magazine. I've followed her for years. A couple years ago she had Koos come to her studio in Canada to teach for a weekend. I believe it was his first time travelling to a do a small workshop. He loved it!  She had a post recently about putting together a Koos coat she wore to visit Koos in his studio.In the post she notes that he plans to teach again this Fall. Search her blog to see what the class created last time. I hear it was quite successful; the garments looked great! These pictures come directly from


This coat is a new Koos Vogue pattern that we previewed on my blog. It’s been getting a lot of buzz on the web and in print. Its nickname is the stegosaurus coat for the scallop edges!  Funny. The coat, stegosaurus aside, has a sophisticated, stylish shape. I love the buttonhole embellishment!  Kathryn made it and did a perfect job choosing the fabrics.

Check out her website for her very creative workshops....remaking a fur coat and working with leather sound wonderful to me!

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