Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Knitting

Knitting might be off the topic of books and quilting, but great minds think outside the box. Great minds think about knitting scarves when they are surrounded by snow and ice.

For Christmas my boys got me two balls of mohair/silk yarn. That’s right. My boys bought yarn at the yarn store. And, yes, I might have sent them to my favorite local yarn store, and yes, I might have given them the pattern to take with them, but they chose the yarn and color by themselves. And yes, they did a great job.

The pattern was really interesting. I chanced upon it while browsing on (it’s part of a winter retail therapy program my health demands). This particular scarf really caught my eye. It was gorgeous and intriguing. I could not figure out the technique out from the pictures or product description. What could I do? BUY! Here’s a pic from the Etsy shop (VitalTemptation of Brooklyn NY):

And here’s a link to the listing: Shibori Style Felted Bobble Knit Scarf Pattern

I downloaded the pattern and Eureka! Those bobbles are so clever. So easy. I grabbed my needles and my yarn and started knitting. I’m not going to divulge the secret behind the bobble bubbles (It can be yours for $5.50 from the pattern author) but it is so, so nifty. Look at this close up from the Etsy site:

I think I'll look around etsy patterns more often.


  1. Oh, that looks so toasty warm and gorgeous! Love the colour

  2. Love the color, your boys did a fantastic job :-)