Sunday, March 8, 2015

The 100 yard Predicament


As you now in January I bought about 100 yards of fabric from an estate sale. All the pieces are lovely and it has inspired me. So much so, that I have been cataloging and organizing it all along with the other boxes of fabric in my stash.  With the help of my good friend, we have used the SEWING KIT app on my ipad and taken a photo of the fabric, then filled in the boxes with type of fabric, width and length and more important…Box location.  Then all the fabrics were folded nicely and put in boxes marked A through E so far but we haven’t finished yet.

Now I can look at my ipad and see a fabric that I may want to use and know if I have enough without even opening the box and I’ll know instantly where to find it!! Who knew?  This app also has a Pattern index so I’ve been cataloging my hundreds of patterns so when I am in a fabric store, I can check the yardage I need!  The app is good but has some flaws but it seems to be the only one of its kind and so is useful to me.

Which brings me to this green top and my predicament. I pulled out this granny smith apple green ponte knit because I really loved the color and thought it would make a great jacket but there was only 1 yard and 23” of it!! You can’t do much with that.  So I had to look for sleeveless top patterns basically.  I found this Vogue 9087 but I had ‘barely’ enough fabric for it and had to piece some facings. (Project #8)


After this, I wanted to know the yardage of every piece so started the fabric cataloging. But now I feel that I will have to buy fabric for things that I want to make instead of trying to make garments from the fabric in my stash. Or I’ll just have to mix two fabrics or more in a garment.  It’s a vicious cycle!!!

So, a trip to NYC this month will include fabric shopping at some of my favorite stores but I will try to only buy something that I will use right away and not put into Box ZZ! ha ha

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