Sunday, June 6, 2010

More summer quilt shows

Right up the street, so close I can walk, is the High Road Gallery. They just opened a show called "FABRICations: Artistry in Fiber", which features art quilts by central Ohio quilters and dolls from Guilded Lilies Art Dolls.

This is a neat place for a show, with lots of character. It's an old house, and every room features quilts, even the former bathroom. Just like the show from a few days ago in Delaware, I found quilts done by members of the Quintessentials Quilters Guild.

Jody Wigton had five quilts in this show. She experimented with different media, utilizing plastic in one case for a very unusual "wet" effect. One of her other quilts had both printing and painting. It's a small work, but very effective in its use of different textures and effects.

Judy Krol, another local art quilter, had a few quilts in the show. All of them were wonderful, but one was really dynamic. It's difficult to pull off asymmetry and odd shapes in a quilt, and Judy really pulled it off here. Delightful.

If you also like to finish your quilts in something other than right- angle rectangles, take a look at Quilting by Improvisation by Vikki Pignatelli. It has chapters on alternate finishing techniques and is on sale till the end of the month.

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by for a terrific show.

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