Sunday, June 20, 2010

Arach-NO-Phobia: Interlude with Jane Sassaman

How I love the internet. I was visiting virtually with my dear friend, Jane Sassaman, on her blog, Jane Sassaman’s Idea Book. It’s my idea book, too. She lives so far away, but I can hang out in her studio from my studio courtesy of the world wide web.

Jane is incredible. She’s tirelessly creative. To watch her work, to talk to her about work, is just a joy. I was “virtually visiting” with her this weekend and chanced upon two things that just delighted me.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, sit down. There are spiders involved. I’m not generally a fan, but Jane is so talented that I might NOT stomp the next spider I see crawling across my deck. Well, not immediately stomp it.

First, a picture of Jane working on an absolutely gorgeous quilt:











And these. She’s gone mad with spiders!

Only Jane could make something I generally scream and run away from so artistic.

I noticed on Jane’s blog a link to one of my favorite time-wasting, wallet-emptying sites, Etsy, and a vendor named 100 Billion Stars. She makes cute things using Jane’s fabrics. Do I need this lovely bag?

I want to need this skirt, alas, I fear it is 10 years, okay 20 years too young for me, but oh, how adorable:

Does the fabric not just SCREAM summer, cold drinks in sparkly glasses at sunset?

Enough. Back to work. Post coming soon about Noriko Endo’s book, which went off to the printer last week. Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

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