Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do you Koos?

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As my beloved readers know, I was in New York City a few weeks ago. While I was there, I stopped by to see Koos van den Akker at his studio. I love to see him, his assistants, and staff whenever I'm in the city. Like "The Big Apple", Koos' studio is vibrant, exciting, and thriving. Hanging out there is inspirational and fires up my creative juices. Koos is a dear, old friend, too, and I love having a chance to get caught up with him.

The next edition of Ornament Magazine (Volume 33 #4) should feature a six page interview with Koos. Look for that!  Koos fans--I might be #1--can't get enough of his clothes and vintage photos of his work. His designs and clothes are so interesting and never become dated; they are an exuberant and timeless mix of color, prints and fabrics.

I was lucky enough to get a guided tour of what Koos is working on now. Among other fabulous items, this scalloped jacket is selling very well at his Madison Avenue boutique.  The inspiration from this came from a dear friend who was hospitalized. Koos wanted to make her a designer bed jacket!  Isn't this creation fabulous?



Koos keeps everybody up-to-date with projects via Facebook. Regardless of what you think about the Cosby sweaters (many of which were sold on Ebay for charity a few years ago) , check him out.


I wrote a book about Koos a few years ago. While I'm generally loathe to plug myself on the blog, there aren't many books about Koos around, and mine--Koos Couture Collage--happens to be on sale. Inspiring photos of his designs and sewing techniques in the back.

Koos has been designing patterns for Vogue for years. I decided a few days ago to list a few out of print ones from my stash. Oh my,I lost a few hours over the weekend trying to figure out how to list an item on Ebay. Contact me if there is a specific one you've been looking for. Later we will post a preview sneak peek at his new scalloped coat pattern for sale in's to DIE FOR! Watch for it on this blog!

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