Sunday, July 4, 2010

National Quilting Association Goes to the Dogs

I love dogs! I have a Portuguese water dog that I adore. (I got him before Obama did. I AM that cool.) So, it figures that I love dog quilts too. I found a few great ones at the NQA show I thought I’d share. They may not be award-winning, but they are fun and adorable and make you smile.

This next one titled Roxie is by a member of my Quintessential Quilters guild, Teri Tope. She was a featured teacher at the show this year and is the author of a new book called Applique in Reverse that came out this spring.

I love this technique she developed using high contrast photos and just stitching black lines on white fabric. She has done portraits of her family that are really effective....I see book number two soon. I want to be a test guinea pig when she writes this one.

As you can see from previous posts, our guild has a lot of talented people.

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