Saturday, July 24, 2010

NQA lights my fire

main street

Not once, but twice I left the NQA really excited about something I saw, with pictures on the camera, ready to get a post up on the blog…and left without writing down the details. The quilt pictured above was made by a group in…ah…Can anybody help me? It reminded me of the same technique I wrote about in my Quilting Party book.  The quilters started with a panoramic photo of their town and then cut it into vertical pieces. Each member made their section.  The sum is greater than the parts! I must say, though, the parts are each pretty great, too.

This technique created a very effective quilt which would be especially great in a public space in their town, any town. It would also work beautifully in a hospital lobby, town hall, library etc.

I think I may suggest this to my quilting guild as a great civic project (not to mention fun activity) to commemorate some of our historic and picturesque “Main Streets” here in central Ohio area. 

If you need a good public service project idea for a quilt guild, high school art class, junior high sewing class, (insert group name!), here it is.

norkio-like 2

Don’t see moose too often in quilts!

This quilt reminded me of Noriko Endo’s landscape quilts, especially with the tiny animals Noriko and this quilter added.  I sent this photo to Norkio, actually, to show her how effective the use of white tulle was in this quilt to simulate sunrays coming through the trees in the forest.  After the quilt was completed, strips of white tulle were placed on top with some branches overlapping them.  Take a look here at the close-up:

noriko-like 1

What a great idea! The more I see, the more I want to quilt all day long!

PS: Who made this quilt??

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