Monday, July 5, 2010

National Quilting Association Mystery Quilter

I'm so lucky that this show is permanently held in Columbus every June. In fact, I won't take my vacation in early June or I'd miss all the shows in town. Wikipedia reports that Columbus is within 550 miles (890 km) of half the population of the United States. (It must be true if it’s in Wikipedia, right?) I can see why the Spring Quilt Festival show has moved to Cincinnati starting April 2011 also!

This show was so exciting and inspiring. It took my friend Vicki and me 4 hours to walk the floor and see all the quilts on display and shop all the fabulous vendor booths...and a try on a mid-arm machine too! We were exhausted mentally and physically after that but very,very happy.

Of course many quilts were just amazing. In addition to the dog quilts from the last post, there were a number of quilts that really stood out for me, and I’ll be writing about them soon.

This quilt was one of the top prize winners and I'm sorry that I lost the name of the quilter! WHO IS THIS QUILTER?

What was impressive to me is her use of ruching--the gathered dimensional parts in the photos--that is an old-fashioned quilting technique which never appealed to me. However, this quilter managed to work it so it seemed fresh and a beautiful accent to this masterpiece. She has made me a believer. Who is she?

Now I want to incorporate it in my quilts too. That is one of the great things about going to these shows. In addition to seeing just about every quilter you know, you never know what will get your blood rushing! I'm going to have to learn this technique. But first, I need the name of the quilter.

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