Sunday, July 11, 2010

A peek into Barbara Olson’s Studio

Barbara is author of Journey of an Art Quilter, published by Dragon Threads in 2004. The book was one of our best sellers, for good reason: It was and is a terrific book by a fantastic artist.

Barbara lives in Billings, MT, where she creates her amazing art quilts. I had a chance to catch up with her recently, and see what’s happening in her studio.

Barbara, laughing, told me that her husband has been travelling recently, which is always beneficial for her work: less cooking, more free time to quilt!

She sent me these 3 photos of tops she finished. These are from her new technique called “Quilting with Leonardo da Vinci, if da Vinci Quilted!” (Who’s to say he didn’t?)

Aren't these quilts fabulous? Her use of color is always full of punch. These, of course, are just the tops. When she adds threads and quilting, it will make them even (more)irresistible! Barbara is, among other things, a master of using thread for impact. I'm so envious of the free-motion she can do with a domestic machine.

Barb is also writing an article for Quilting Arts magazine called “Painterly Images” which shows how she uses fabrics like brush strokes to create representational images. Watch the magazine for it, or stay tuned to this blog for notice when it is published this fall.

You can see more of Barb's work at Believe me, you want to see more of Barb’s work. She’s amazing.

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