Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Talent Envy: Judy Coates Perez

Judy has a great blog, one of my favorites. Head over to her site, and read the July 7 post, then watch her video of how to sew metal onto fabric to make her iconic ornaments:

An Ornamental Fiesta at Create

The ornaments are so pretty! I'd like to make a tree full of them and give some for Christmas gifts.

Judy is teaching at all the major venues like Quilt Festival Long Beach in July and Quilt Festival Houston in November. I’d love to try her class. Our quilting guild wanted to bring her here for a class but the scheduling didn’t work out. I wish they would try again! Private lessons would be a wonderful treat.

In addition to her considerable sewing skills, she is a talented painter. Painting isn’t easy (especially to me) but she teaches so anybody can do it successfully.

I bought her small book of her quilts and love the whimsy in many of them. Her themes are beautiful, as are her color choices. Animals are her specialty, but it is her metalwork that really makes them  appealing to me.

Shiny, shiny...always attracts my eye!

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